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This Is The REAL DEAL! You & the Kids will love the Safe and Friendly Atmosphere, all in a place where you'll be CELEBRATED, Not Just Tolerated! After service, enjoy the Free Guest Reception with other down-to-earth people just like You! By the way:    
(Every 1st-Time Guest Is A VIP) Why? #WeLove&HonorYou. 
About Us: The Foundational Principles of GWIA

The fulfillment of God's vision for GOD'S WORD IN ACTION (GWIA) rests heavily on the eternal Words of Jesus Christ in Luke 4:18, from which comes the Foundational Scripture for our ministry.


By applying this scripture to our daily life, we are carrying out one of the greatest missions in life, reaching beyond our members to touch children, families and the surrounding community with the life-changing love and power of God. As stated in Luke 4:18, Outreach is at the heart of God and at God's Word In Action we will always reflect His heart by reaching, teaching, and helping people.


From Luke 4:18 the Lord showed us 4 core areas in which to focus:

1. FAITH - Releasing The Faith of Christ In God's People

2. FAMILY - Establishing Holistically Healthy Families & Individuals

3. FRIENDSHIPS - Building & Doing Life Together which Connects us and Transforms Individuals as well as the Community

4. FINANCES - Teaching Kingdom Principled Management of Finances for Better Living, Advancement and Legacy Building.

We know that once You experience "Life At THE WORD",  You'll Never Be The Same Again!

Begin a Relationship with Jesus Christ Now!

Do You Really Know Jesus?

What does it mean to know the Lord Jesus Christ or be saved? Is it more than just a prayer to pray? More than just a way to heaven?

Question of the day:  If there is no change in your lifestyle are you really a Christian? If there is no fruit (transformation) in your life are you really saved? God says in Matthew 3:8 we ought to "Produce fruit in keeping with repentance."

Well friend, Today you can be sure that you have a right Relationship with God without a doubt! Yes, no more wishing, guessing, hoping but not really knowing. You see, it's like this: By Trusting (Giving your life to) Jesus Christ, based on His sacrifice for all your sin; admit to God that you believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, died and shed His blood for all your sin debt, and rose on the 3rd day according to history and the scriptures, you receive Him as Lord and your personal Savior today! You can be sure that you belong to Him. So Right Now & If You Want To Trust & Receive Jesus Right Now, We Want To Welcome You To The Kingdom Of God & Send You Some FREE Resources To Help You On This Journey! (Click Above)

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