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 Here @ GWIA, We Celebrate YOU!!! 

YOU'RE INVITED to Join Us this Sunday @ 10:30am Sharp for This Exciting  Celebration & the Awesome March  Series: IGNITE! This Will Be An Eye-Opening Experience Like No Other! Bring The Kids (KidZone is Amazing) & Enjoy An Encounter That Can Not Be Described! YOU BELONG HERE! Enjoy Real Worship, Authentic Love & God's Amazing Grace!        

After This Awesome Encounter you will meet our staff of Friendly People in a Casual Atmosphere & Enjoy A FREE VIP Reception. This Is Incredible!!!                   
(Each 1st-time Guest Is A VIP)! Why? #WeReallyDoLoveYou  


Service is held at 7210 Meadow Ln, Hammond, IN.      


SUNDAY: All roads lead to This Sunday at 10:30am (ct). Join us for an time of Incredible Epic Worship & Word with the Awesome Teaching: IGNITEThis Encounter cannot be described, only Experienced! Come As You Are, You'll Never Be The Same Again! (No Dress Code)  


Tune in each Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm (ct) sharp for the Awesome "WORD FOR LIFE" Radio Teaching Ministry of Pastor Darryl Jones and discover how to "Change Your Life Forever" in every area through the Word on 102.3fm or


TUESDAY: Don't Miss This! It's Power Tuesday "The Word Explosion," every Tuesday at 7pm (ct). Learn to make the best  decisions of your life by applying the truth of God's Word in a relevant way to your daily walk with God. Got Questions? We have Answers!  Enjoy a practical Q & A session following. Call the Live Conference at (641)715-3655/code is 424090# & Experience the HUGE Difference Kingdom Teaching and daily application makes! Enjoy the Dynamic Teaching: I AM COMMITTED!


 KNOW THIS: Kingdom Living is much more than just a Sunday service, It's an EVERYDAY Way of Life! 


You Can Begin a Relationship with Jesus Christ Now! (No Hoop-Jumping Necessary)!

Do You Really Know Jesus?

What does it mean to Know the Lord Jesus Christ or be saved? Is it more than just a prayer to pray? More than just a way to heaven?

Question of the day:  If there is no change in your lifestyle are you really a Christian? If there is no fruit (Lifestyle-Change) in you, are you really saved? God says in Matthew 3:8 we ought to "Produce fruit (Transformation) if we belong to Christ."

Ask Yourself This:

When you believed you were being saved, did you just say a prayer for salvation and that was it? Did you really become a new creation in Christ? If you are new in Christ where is the evidence of your salvation? Are you living as a new creation, and has the old really gone?

Well friend, Today you can be sure that you have a right Relationship with God without a doubt! Yes, no more wishing, guessing, hoping but not really knowing. You see, it's like this: By Trusting (Giving your life to) Jesus Christ, based on His sacrifice for all your sin; admit to God that you believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, died and shed His blood for all your sin debt, and rose on the 3rd day according to history and the scriptures, you receive Him as Lord and your personal Savior today! You can be sure that you belong to Him. So Right Now & If You Trust & Receive Jesus Right Now, We Want To Welcome You To The Kingdom Of God & Send You Some FREE Resources To Help You On This Journey! (CLICK HERE)




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